Campaign Goal

The Give Youth a Chance Campaign aims to mobilize large scale global philanthropy investment (100 Mio US$) for the empowerment of youth led climate action.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the need for investments into enhanced non-state actors climate action and calls for large scale investments for youth climate action from philanthropists
(signatories of the Giving Pledge), public and private institutional wealth holders, social impact investors in combination with small donations from ordinary global citizens.

Resources for Opportunities

The campaign organizers propose to invest resources into creation of

I) Participation Opportunities
Enabling youth from the global North as well as global South to participate in UN climate change events.

II) Learning Opportunities
Enhancing well resourced climate change education, communication and outreach activities.

III) Income Opportunities
Creating a global youth climate action entrepreneurship platform (an Agenda 2030 marketplace) that will document, evaluate and certify youth climate action impact and connect it with blended financing from local and global public, private and philanthropic sources.

Strong Partnership Framework – GloCha

The campaign is organized in the open and participatory framework of the multistakeholder partnership GloCha. GloCha has been initiated by IAAI, an UN accredited not-for-profit civil society Organization based in Austria together with UN organizations (UN Habitat, UNESCO MOST), members of UNFCCC youth constituency YOUNGO (GYDI, CliMates, ..) et al. who have set up GloCha Foundation New York Inc as the partnership secretariat and as the joint resource mobilization and program implementation entity. (Info about opportunities to join GloCha can be found here).

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