Join Us! Take Action!

1) Post on Social Media:

To reach wealth holders of the world with our Call for Resources, we need you, young climate activists, to make your voices heard and join the Give Youth A Chance campaign as campaign ambassadors on Social Media:

Post a statement addressing these points:

Why do You/Youth love climate action?
What can young people do for climate action?
What empowering resources do young people need?

Use the campaign hashtags:

2) Sign our online petition today

Support our call for resources for youth climate action by signing the online petition.

Young people want to see climate action and they are ready to take climate action, but they need empowering resources! Resources are there.

The Call (draft).

Let’s invite all those who have financial and other enabling resources for youth climate action to come to the table of global climate change talks in Bonn and let’s find together entry points for them to support climate action that leaves nobody behind.

3) Participate in the Global Challenges Youth Music Contest 2018

Global Challenges Youth Music Contest (#GYMC) is a youth focused public awareness, education and participation initiative which harnesses the power of music and (social) media to educate the public – and especially young people – about the importance of climate change and the need for transformative global and local collaborative action.
GYMC initiative invites young people to contribute to the work and goals of United Nations with self-created music video clips that showcase youth led climate action and young people’s visions of local and global cooperation on climate change. #GYMC18

Please Find Further Engagement Opportunities on our Action Network Platform.