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Marius · 24. Oktober 2015 um 17:42

Great work, man!

David Peat · 25. Oktober 2015 um 17:37

Well done! Inspiring.

Margaret Ouwehand · 30. Oktober 2015 um 9:21

I haven’t been allowed to vote every day, and tonight there are only 24 of the 33 entrants available. Unfortunately, the one I wish to vote for isn’t there. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!

    WP-Admin · 30. Oktober 2015 um 9:32

    Dear Margaret,
    I have checked on my computer and all 33 entries have been displayed.
    As we didn’t get any complaints from other voters regarding the one vote per day per entry setting of the voting system, I would guess that the problem lies in Your computer system.
    Please restart your computer and/or try with a different browser.
    Please let us know whether the problem gets solved this way.
    If not, please make a screenshot of the message that You received when your were denied voting or any other failure message, so we can forward it to the service team of wishpond.
    Kind regards, miro

Ana Maria · 4. November 2015 um 21:26

You guys rock. Great song. Great delivery. I’ll spread the word!

David · 10. November 2015 um 6:00

By the time I got here voting had ended….

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